Art history on the street

I found abstract images along the path while taking a customary walk. In the noise on the wall surface I perceived the images created by chance or by nature.
Fascinated by this phenomenal and pictorial event, I kept seeking for more images. Then, I was aware that “pictures” emerged one after another from every street corner. It was as if my own museum was expanding unlimitedly.
In this process a question arose in my mind; that is, what do I recognize as a “picture”? I have realized that there is the similarity to the historical masterpieces in those “pictures”. I saw a Mark Rothko-like image in the neighbor town; a Helen Frankenthaler in a rural village; a Jackson Pollock in a southern island.
Nature never imitates paintings. So is it because those master painters depicted universal phenomena? Or are my memories of art unconsciously projected to the “pictures”?

  • Pollock in Ishigaki, 2012 (Homage to Jackson Pollock)
  • Kapoor in Teshima, 2012 (Homage to Anish Kapoor)
  • Frankenthaler in Suzu, 2012 (Homage to Helen Frankenthaler)
  • Rothko in Kawasaki, 2012 (Homage to Mark Rothko)
  • Fautrier in Tonosho, 2012 (Homage to Jean Fautrier)
  • Courbet in Onomichi, 2012 (Homage to Gustave Courbet)
  • Senju in Setagaya, 2012 (Homage to Hiroshi Senju)
  • Diebenkorn in Miyara, 2012 (Homage to Richard Diebenkorn)
  • Francis in Ieura, 2012 (Homage to Sam Francis)
  • Gogh in Tokushima, 2012 (Homage to Vincent van Gogh)
  • Dubuffet in Nozawa, 2012 (Homage to Jean Dubuffet)
  • Soulages in Kamimeguro, 2012 (Homage to Pierre Soulages)
  • Tàpies in Ikejiri, 2012 (Homage to Antoni Tàpies)
  • Martin in Nanao, 2012 (Homage to John Martin)
  • Klee in Shimouma, 2012 (Homage to Paul Klee)
  • Bacon in Sangenya, 2012 (Homage to Francis Bacon)